Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Party Surprise

No children were seriously hurt in the making of this film.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Doggy Time

Here are some much anticipated, promised, and late videos for Em.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Commercial

I saw this on a friend of mines blog.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I just thought I'd post these so that all could get a better look at how they were depicted in the priceless work of art by Jen which is now up for bids. Just email me your your bid, then your money. I'm confident I can get you the original from the Casa de Bonita but I'm not confident of how long it would stay in your possession after that.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Annual Mantua Bike Trip

My best pal since childhood and I went on our second annual motorcycle trip to Mantua on Friday. You may recall we did this very ride a year ago, hence second annual. We have been talking about going on a ride for quite some time but as the weather gets cooler the pressure to go increases. Well we are both glad we waited a bit because Chay (best pal) got a new bike that very day we left. Like all things Chay, he got a "deal of a lifetime" on this bike and we were both all grins about it. The ride, although quite chilly, was great. There was a bit of snow towards the top of the mountain wich made things interesting as we were riding motorcycles and not snowmobiles. We had to do a bit of skiing with our tennies to keep from laying our bikes over as they fishtailed nearly out of control. *Mind you we are seasoned riders and do not recommend you try this at home. We were kind of pushing our limits with time as we raced the sun to see who would decend from our peaks firsts but not even the sun could best us (refer to asterisk).
I was suppose to work the next day but when I got to work, a 7:30 in Salt Lake, I got canceled. So off for another ride! We went to Farmington canyon and road in the snow again with some red necks who had set up some some things to shot with their guns (last couple of pics). Overall it was a great weekend with a great friend and we still have another ride scheduled for Burley in a couple of weeks. Thanks to Scottie for letting me enjoy his bike once again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Doug likes dogs

We were worried for a while that Doug was only liked people and not dogs so much.  Every time he would get around another dog we would start a low growl and then bark.  After talking to Emily about it we figured it was probably because he was more nervous than anything.  Well the other night he got to interact with the Ferrin's dog Gracy.  Here is the footage.  As you can see, things went great, other than the few times Doug tried to eat Gracy's hind leg like a piece of chicken.  


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sir Douglas von Cypress

I know the majority of the readers of this blog have meet our newest family member Doug but I don't feel like he's been formally introduced.  We picked him up from Cedar City two weeks ago yesterday.  Much do our dismay he was much larger than the pictures online showed.  Felicia thought she'd be able to carry him around in her purse but soon realized she didn't even want to let him sit on her lap too long. We've finally decided the full registered name for Doug is, "Sir Douglas von Cypress". "Sir" because he is such a gentleman, "Douglas" because we love the name, "von" which is German for "from" and "Cypress" which is the family Cedar trees come from. Hence he is "The gentleman Douglas from Cedar" or Cedar City that is.    Just one week after we got him he developed "cherry eye", which is  common with the breed, and we had to send him into surgery to get it fixed.  That explains the cone on his head.  Doug is full of personality and funny antics which keeps us smiling and laughing.  His puppy eyes and quick desire to please bodes well for him because the desire to drown him is often there.  Doug has had a particularly rough day today and has heard the word "NO!" way too many times for one day.  Well when he went to Mom and Dad's for lunch he decided to get back at us by plopping a dirt clod into Felicia's shoe.